Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Going to Charleston, SC Tomorrow

I'm going to redecorate my house - Gonna make a man cave but right now I don't have time because Tippy and Treky decided that it's time to go somewhere.  

Tippy is ready to go.  You recall that he had two lower front teeth that were baby teeth.  The vet removed them as they were about to fall out anyway.  I think food was being caught in those teeth causing him trouble.  He's fine now.  

When Treky announced that we are going to Charleston, SC, Tippy found a TV program about Charleston and was looking for interesting places to visit there.

Rolling on the floor with joy - "We're going somewhere".

I'm happy about it too!!!!!

One thing I have done to prepare for the trip is to make a list of the places we might want to visit along with the address. When we decide to go to one of these places, I will have the address readily available to enter in the GPS.  I store this list on "Google Keep" in my phone so that I will be sure to have it with me.

 I use Google Maps to determine the best route.  You can see that we have a choice of three routes.  One takes 2 hours and 23 minutes - the other 2 hours and 33 minutes.  Treky will decide which will be best. He has some information on the weather and traffic conditions.

Before we pull out, whether it be from home or a campsite, Treky has me check his checklist. I have to check that the roof vent and windows are closed, Flip Tippy's seat around to face the front, be sure the fridge is on 12 volts DC, all doors and cabinets are closed, the sink cover is on, the microwave plate is wrapped in a towel, set the GPS, unplug the electric, water and cable TV, open the curtains and clean the backup camera lens.

We will leave home about noon and should arrive at our campground somewhere around 3 pm.

See you then.


  1. Well, we all know you guys are intrepid travelers, but Charleston, South Carolina in the middle of July? Now, that takes real courage! Have fun!

  2. I love the way you write about your trip adventures. So cozy! I find a lot of similarity in between you and my other favorite, this cool lady "RV Sue and her canine friends". I love the both of you. Period! Thanks so much "uncle Ron" and Tippy and Treky and now your newest friend the good and wise Sammie LOL!

  3. I'm happy to see your check-list....switching the refrigerator to DC is what the problem has been for us!! We're not switching it over manually. I thought it would be an automatic thing. Thanks again for sharing the information.

    Also, your trip planning is GREAT!! I'm learning valuable information from an experienced traveler!!

    Happy Travels,
    The Chastain's in Gem Lakes